Your Google Home Can Now Speak Spanish

If you speak Spanish, you’ll be pleased to know that your Google Home can now understand you. At least in part. Google Assistant has been able to understand Spanish for some time, but now Google Home can speak Spanish too. Muchas gracias, Google.

Obviously, your Google Home is powered by Google Assistant in the same way your Amazon Echo is powered by Alexa. However, while Google gave Assistant the skills to speak Spanish a while ago, it’s only now rolling out to Google Home.

How to Speak Spanish to Google Home

As detailed on The Keyword, to get started speaking Spanish to Google Home, open the Google Home app, tap Menu, then Settings, then Preferences. Tap on Español as your language of choice, and you’ll then be able to interact with Google Home in Spanish.

You still need to preface every request with, “OK Google,” but after that you can ask questions in Spanish. As examples, Google suggests you ask what’s on your schedule for the day, listen to your favorite songs, and turn down the temperature on your thermostat.

This works across Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. The regular Google Home and Home Mini are also now available to buy in both Mexico and Spain, which is why Google has suddenly seen fit to offer Spanish as a language option.

Google Is Making Assistant Multilingual

As mentioned previously, Home is powered by Google Assistant, so anyone who speaks a language other than English will be pleased to know Google plans to teach Assistant 22 new languages before the end of 2018, and then add multilingual support.

Whatever language(s) you speak fluently, there’s always scope to learn a new one. While I personally recommend Duolingo (especially if you want to learn to speak Klingon), there are plenty of alternatives to Duolingo available.

Image Credit: Luis Antonio Rodriguez Ochoa/Flickr

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